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Business Funding Services™ Marketing Systems

A New Way To Get More Sales, Perform Better Marketing, Increasing Your Profits

Get Your Business Funding Services™ 3.0 Sales And Marketing Force

100% DONE YOU!

Business Funding Services™ enters 2020 with a total commitment to leverage Artificial Intelligence to drive more leads and traffic that converts into sales. AI allows us to perfect repetitive marketing and sales tasks to near perfection Every. Single. Time.

Business Funding Services 3.0 can be designed to replace call centers agents, expand customer service. You can exponentially grow your business by replacing typically human task, with AI.

  • IBM Watson™ or Amazon Alexa™ voice technology
  • Inbound Marketing Tasks
  • Outbound Marketing Tasks
  • Trained To Hold Dialogue With Humans
  • Real-Time Lead Generation
  • Integrated With Email, SMS/MMS Messaging
  • AI Sales Funnels – Marketing Automation
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